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Documents show Chilean supporters of the Third Reich received paramilitary training and sent information to Germany during the second world war.

Chilean police have released archive documents relating to investigations during the second world war that uncovered how Nazi supporters in the country supplyed information to the Third Reich and planned to bomb mines in Chile.

Friday, 23 June 2017 14:00

Lican Antay Culture of the Atacama

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The Lickan Antay (Atacamenian) culture with its 12,000 years of history has persisted in the oases, valleys and gorges of the foothills of the Andes mountain chain. Surviving in one of the most inhospitable areas of the world they have managed to guard a fantastic treasure, their ancestral culture.

Nestled between high-rise buildings on a busy street in Chile's modern capital is a straw hut that's a sign of growing respect for the Andean country's long-disdained indigenous past.

Ailing patients, many referred by a hospital across the street, line up to see the Mapuche herbalist inside as part of a government initiative to incorporate pre-Hispanic knowledge into Chile's public health system.

Friday, 23 June 2017 12:31

Cultural Heritage

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Chile’s cultural heritage lies both in the inmaterial -events and traditions ranging from art, craft, dance, dress, festivities, cuisine, games, music- and the material: historic buildings, sites and objects characterized by their significance in a raft of fields, be they archaeological, architectural, craft, artistic, ethnographic, folkloric, historic, religious or technological.

Summer has arrived in Chile and, for many, holidays are about to begin. The good weather and the amount of people moving around the country are perfect for a number of outdoor festivals to take over Chile.

Friday, 23 June 2017 12:21

Chilean Culture and Dance

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The national dance in Chile is the Cueca which started in 1824. To dance the Cueca the guys wear huaso's hat, shirts, flannel poncho, riding pants and boots with spurs. The girls wear flowered dresses. Cueca dancing resembles a rooster-chicken relationship.

Chile’s second biggest city, Valparaíso, is best known for its neighbourhoods of brightly coloured houses clinging to steep hillsides above the Pacific. Its historic centre is the country’s only UN world heritage site, but recent decades have not treated the city well: wildfires have devastated entire neighbourhoods; the city’s streets are a wreck of potholes, garbage and the excrement of thousands of stray dogs.

Jorge Castro – the incumbent mayor from the far-right Independent Democratic Union party – has survived numerous corruption investigations and is running for re-election on Sunday.

But a quiet revolution is brewing in the city: fed up with the candidates from Chile’s two main political coalitions, a group of citizens has launched a movement to bring one of their own to office.

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