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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 13:39

Chile to hold annual wine festival

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Chile’s Catad’Or Wine Awards will be held on Monday in Santiago with 635-sample record exhibition and a new section dedicated to Latin America.

The 22nd edition of great annual wine festival, scheduled from July 3 through 10, will take a qualitative leap this year.

The international jury is made up of experts and influential wine personalities, including The Washington Post Critic Dave McIntyre and Author and Critic Jamal Rayyis (The New York Times, Food & Wines, Wine Enthusiast).

Likewise, Shao Xuedong, manager of COFCO China and Erin Kirschemann, publisher of Wine Business Monthly US publication, among others.

Friday, 23 June 2017 12:43

The lure of Chilecon Valley

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ONE by one they came to the stage and pitched their ideas to the crowd. There was the founder of, which makes software that helps landlords mint more money from their properties. There was the co-founder of Chef Surfing, an online service for people looking to hire chefs, and for culinary wizards keen to tout their skills. And the creator of Kedzoh, which has an app that lets firms send short training videos to workers via their mobile phones or tablet computers.

n this week’s chapter 27 entrepreneurs share their thoughts and advice on relocating to Chile. Visit the country, stay here for a trial period, get to know its quirks and peculiarities and then make a long-term decision with that information in mind. Every place has its oddities and it’s important when operating outside one’s own country to go in with as much first-hand knowledge of the lay of the land as possible.

Chile is known for its macroeconomic stability and for being a country open to foreign investments, its recent economic success has been built on the exportation of copper (the world’s largest exporter), as well as agriculture, forestry and fish (salmon). 

Overshadowed by the snow-capped Andes mountains, surrounded by miles of luscious vineyards, Chile’s capital city has generally been more of a destination for wine lovers or a stop-off point for travellers reaching other parts of the region. But much to the surprise of Chileans and global techies alike, Santiago has become an unlikely entrepreneurial hub.

Seed accelerator Start-Up Chile launched there in 2010 and has worked with more than 1,300 small businesses. The publicly-funded programme, created by the government, has since been replicated in more than 50 countries around the world. “Start-Up Chile often pops up in conversations, there’s this international appreciation of its pioneering effort,” says Christian Busch, associate director of the Innovation Co-creation Lab at the London School of Economics.

The initiative was the brainchild of Nicolas Shea, a Chilean businessman, while he was an adviser of entrepreneurship and innovation to the Chilean government. The programme picks promising young businesses and gives the founders equity-free grants of at least 10m Chilean pesos (£12,000), and a year-long visa to work on their ideas in the country.

It was a concept, he says, aimed to sp

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